Which is the best preventive health checkup for senior citizens?

As we age, our body undergoes a lot of transformations, most of them related to our health. Our ageing body has different needs and requires special attention. We can no longer put our body through the same strenuous activities we used to when we were young adults. And that’s why we need to pay special attention to our health as we age. 

A preventive health checkup helps identify any health issues and gives us the current status of our health. There are various types of health checkups available in the market, with a different number of tests and parameters. It’s important to choose a health package that best suits your age and lifestyle. The best preventive health checkup for senior citizens is a health checkup that addresses the unique needs of the elderly. These include cancer screening tests such as Pap smear and PSA which is a major health concern for people over the age of 55. Truemedix offers exclusive health checkups for senior citizens which can be done in the comfort of your home. 

Remember to select a health checkup that is ideal for your age, gender and lifestyle so that you can identify health issues accurately and take better control of your health. 

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