Hypothyroidism and Its Impact On Health!

What does the term “Hypothyroidism” indicate? 

A condition of the endocrine system wherefore the thyroid gland is unable to process and release adequate thyroid gland to function the body correctly.  

In simple terms, Hypothyroidism is a medical condition characterized by an underactive thyroid gland, which means the gland is not producing enough thyroid hormones. To regulate the body’s metabolism, growth, and development, thyroid hormones play an essential role. A state where the thyroid gland is not functioning correctly can increase the cause of symptoms that can affect a person’s overall health and well-being. 

Being one of the best and most efficient diagnosis centers, Truemedix additionally states that a drop in the thyroid gland can lower the rate of energy level that results in a slower heartbeat. If diagnosed at an early stage, this condition can be taken care of smoothly without affecting a person’s overall health. Keeping a check on the thyroid frequently can decrease the risk of major problems. We, at Truemedix the leading laboratory in Karnataka, ensure to take your Thyroid Test at Home without any hassles in your comfort. If you are looking for a checkup, book an appointment with us and track your health status easily. 

Let us look into some of the causes of Hypothyroidism

There are several causes of hypothyroidism. Starts with an autoimmune disorder, a disease when our body’s immune system falsely attacks healthy cells. 

Another cause includes radiation therapy. This therapy kills the cancer cells and shrinks the tumor with high doses of radiation. This radiotherapy can cause hypothyroidism in the human body. 

Thyroidectomy is also one of the causes of hypothyroidism. Thyroidectomy is the surgery in which a person removes the thyroid gland which is located at the front of the neck. This condition also causes hypothyroidism in the human body. 

Other than this, iodine deficiency and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are common causes of hypothyroidism.

In a city like Bangalore, people are so busy with their schedules that most of them ignore all these symptoms at an early stage. This further affects one’s health badly. Therefore, keeping a regular health checkup in Bangalore is essential to avoid any future risks. Truemedix Laboratory in Bangalore ensures safe tests with accurate results and post-diagnose care. Even with a busy schedule people can book Thyroid Tests at Home with us without being in a long queue in the lab. 

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism 

The symptoms of hypothyroidism may be subtle at first, but they may vary. The most common symptoms of the disease include fatigue, weight gain, constipation, dry skin, hair loss, cold intolerance, joint pain, and depression. Women may also experience irregular menstrual periods or heavy menstrual bleeding. 

In serious cases of hypothyroidism, it leads to myxedema. Myxedema is a rare disease but potentially life-threatening condition that may cause low blood pressure, decreased body temperature, and unconsciousness.  

As suggested by many well-known physicians, taking care at the early stage may not lead to something serious. Thus, when the symptoms are subtle, one can firmly start to find Thyroid Tests Near Me to avoid future distress. 

Diagnosis Process Of Hypothyroidism 

The common test to diagnose thyroid is the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) blood test. The test helps in measuring the level of TSH produced by the pituitary gland. 

High-level results may lead to hypothyroidism. Other tests such as T3 and T4 may also be done to measure the level. 

Treatment of Hypothyroidism 

The treatment of the disease involves high doses of levothyroxine that helps in adjusting thyroid hormones. Missing doses and taking more than enough medication can be dangerous during the course. 

Other than medication, lifestyle changes can also cure hypothyroidism. It is essential to avoid smoking and drinking during this stage. 

We, at Truemedix, have tests for the thyroid that help people to identify levels at early stages. We have a presence in Karnataka that enables many people to keep track of their thyroid levels with our affordable and accurate thyroid tests. If anyone out there is searching for thyroid tests near me, Truemedix is the right choice. 


Hypothyroidism is a condition that can be found in humans commonly. But it has been more common in women and elders. Early diagnosis and early treatment can prevent the disease. 

If you have any of the above symptoms, do book an appointment with us and get correct treatment.

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