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In today’s fast-paced and instant world, people are becoming more susceptible to a spectrum of new disorders. The swift transformation in lifestyle has undoubtedly led to a tremendous increase in various acute and chronic illnesses. As all of us are aware of the famous old proverb “Health is wealth”, health is indeed the most indispensable part of everyone’s life. It is health that is real wealth. Upholding this famous proverb, our institution has come up with several cost-effective and flexible health check package services titled as the “ARUNODAYA HEALTH PACKAGES” based on gender (men and women), age groups (newborn, pediatric, adolescent, adults, senior citizens), and diseases (acute/ chronic, infectious/metabolic/hematologic/ endocrinologic/ genetic/ hepatic/cardiac/ renal etc.)

The main goal of these packages is “Health For All” at affordable cost.

The objectives are:

  • Increasing awareness among our valued customers towards various diseases.
  • Encouraging people to take step towards leading a happier, healthier and longer life.
  • Motivating people to follow “Prevention is always better than cure”.
  • What are the benefits of these health packages?

Our health check-up packages are beneficial to the customers in multiple ways:

  • Cost-effective and affordable: Several types of tests are done under a single panel which costs lesser than a collection of different tests chosen separately.
    • Provision of Free Home sample collection facilities
    • Availability of online reports
    • Comprehensive and accurate reports
    • Good customer care services
    • Discounts on special occasions
  • What is the importance of getting regular health checkups done?

Regular health checkups are important in several ways:

  • To detect potentially life-threatening diseases at an early stage: We live in a “twilight zone”, where we continue living with our chaotic, routine, busier lives until we meet with an unpleasant surprise. Even though a person looks fit and fine physically, he/she might be having an underlying serious illness which would have not manifested symptomatically in the initial stages. Therefore, it is recommended that irrespective of one’s age and health status, even if a person is leading a good and happy healthy life, he/she should get regular health check-up done atleast once in a year. Many critical diseases can be prevented if detected at an early stage.

Our health check-ups are designed not just for detecting the underlying medical disorders but also to identify the risk factors before they completely blow up to cause any serious problems.

  • To keep a track of the comprehensive health status: Health checkups help one to keep a track of the continuous changes happening within body and thereby, modify their lifestyle accordingly. It also helps the doctors to monitor their patient’s medications and dosages from time to time.
  •  To help in diagnosis and management of specific diseases: Specialized health packages help to diagnose particular disease conditions thereby, helping the clinicians in choosing the appropriate treatment and management protocols
  • To increase the success of treatment: Early detection and close monitoring of the risk factors especially for chronic disorders through medication and lifestyle changes enhances the overall health and in turn increases the success of treatment
  • To lower the medical expenses: A regular health checkup helps to save money in long term as it detects a disease in its early stage and therefore, avoids surgery or other costlier treatment plans.

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