All You Need To Know About Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition characterized by high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood. The body normally regulates blood glucose levels through the hormone insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. However, in people with diabetes, the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or can’t effectively use the insulin it produces, leading to elevated blood glucose levels. 

Being one of the accurate diagnosis centre’s, Trumedix in Bangalore provides affordable diabetes health checkup packages in Bangalore to help you in keeping track of your diabetes level. We have our home collection officers who, at your ease and comfort, collect your sample from your home without creating any hassle. While at home, you can check your reports online through our Truemedix laboratory application. 

Furthermore in this blog, we will elaborate on the types of diabetes. 

Types of Diabetes 

  1. Type 1 Diabetes 

A type of diabetes where your blood glucose level is high because your body can’t produce a hormone called “insulin”. This happens, when the immune system attacks or destroys the cells in the pancreas that makes insulin hormone. Thus, it can not produce anymore. Therefore, people having type 1 diabetes need to take injections or an insulin pump to manage the glucose level in the body. 

2. Type 2 Diabetes 

90% of people around have type 2 diabetes, this is the most common type of diabetes mainly seen in humans. The insulin produced by the pancreas can’t work properly in the body, sometimes pancreas can’t make enough insulin which affects the human body. Lifestyle habits like obesity, poor diet, physical activity, and family history are some of the causes of type 2 diabetes. 

3. Gestational Diabetes 

Diabetes develops during pregnancy and usually goes away after the birth of the baby. Gestational diabetes affects women who haven’t been affected by any diabetes before. This implies that the blood sugar level is high and women should take care of their health and the bump. 

4. Other Types of Diabetes 

Other types of diabetes: There are other, less common types of diabetes, such as monogenic diabetes (caused by mutations in a single gene) and secondary diabetes (caused by other medical conditions or medications).

Diabetes Tests

Being an efficient laboratory, we at Truemedix provides diabetes full body checkup at our centre and offers post-diagnosis care to the patient. In this busy digital era, we being a diagnosis centre provide our services by managing the latest technology. Additionally, our mobile application helps you in assisting your health online, it also enables you to track your health report online. 

History of diabetes test – 

  • Urine Glucose Testing 

Until the 1980s, the test was used to check the presence of glucose in urine. 

  • Fasting Glucose Test 

In the 1960s, this test was developed and it has been used widely today. This test measures blood glucose levels after an overnight fast. 

  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test 

After drinking a sugary solution, the test centre measures blood sugar levels over several hours. 

  • Hemoglobin A1c Test 

In the 1980s, the HbA1c test was developed as a way to monitor blood glucose levels over a longer period (about 3 months). This test measures the percentage of hemoglobin that is coated with glucose

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring 

This test has been used majorly in this digital era. This technology involves wearing a device that continuously measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid (fluid between cells) and sends the data to a receiver or smartphone app.


Truemedix, we suggest that there are different criteria for diagnosing diabetes, and different tests may be used depending on individual circumstances. If you’re concerned about your risk for diabetes, book a diabetes full body checkup with us and get accurate reports to identify the cause and type of your diabetes.

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